I haven’t posted in awhile due to being rather busy. I’m still around though, and I’ll answer any questions anyone may have. I just upgraded the version of PaginateIt to 1.1.1 to fix a bug mentioned by a couple of users in the original PaginateIt post.

I also have a new version of PaginateIt that is completely rewritten to implement three different methods of pagination. It won’t be based on the same API as version 1. The reason I did this was to be able to write unit tests, so when I make changes, I can catch anything that may have broken. Let me know if you’d like to test it out and I’ll send you a copy.

After coding pagination functionality into a million different sites and wasting too much time every time, I decided to give OOP a shot. I’ve used this class in one site already, but haven’t tested it extensively, so there may still be some bugs.

I also used this opportunity to check out different software licenses and settled on The MIT License as it provided more flexibility. I checked out the GPL that I’ve heard so much about, but I thought it to be too restrictive for this project. This is being provided as is for whatever use anyone may want it, commercial or otherwise, under the condition that my copyright stays intact. I’d like a little credit :)

I had inline documents within the class, but I forgot to save and I don’t feel like going back and writing them again at the moment. So if you want to know what something does, just ask me. The readme documents the methods and usage.

Go ahead and leave feedback and comments about anything (licenses, documentation, coding style/preferences, etc). I’d especially like to know if anyone finds this useful.

PaginateIt.zip – contains readme and source file